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Heat-Weld Roofing Systems

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Metal Fascia

The Ply Gem’s pre-formed and field-formed aluminum fascia ensures a lifetime of stress-free security. The fascia boards are entirely covered from the drip edge to the soffit by the long-lasting aluminum of high performance that requires nearly zero maintenance. There are hundreds of colors available to match up or coordinate and a wide range of plain or textured finishing to choose from.

Metal Fascia Collections

The Mastic siding from Ply Gem has been the top choice for years now among owners of houses or commercial buildings, contractors of constructions, and remodelers. Mastic premium siding is a great eco-friendly choice, strong and solid, and able to fight extreme weather, and virtually requires no maintenance. And it is all coming from the leader in pioneering performance home exteriors for 75 years: Ply Gem, with an industry-leading V.I.P. limited lifetime warranty.


Mastic aluminum fascia is made of top quality aluminum and an ultra-tough coat applied on top. It provides lifetime protection that requires almost no maintenance and keeps worry-free. For creating the perfect customized style for your home there is a wide variety of colors and textures available to choose from.

Mastic Envoy® + Endurance® Fascia is made of high-quality aluminum. It adds a finishing touch to the exterior of a house when matched with Ply Gem siding. Its durability and ultra-tough coating work as guards against seasonal effects, like, sun fading and weathering.


The top-performing vinyl siding, Variform premium, has earned the credibility of both the professionals and homeowners and has been one of the highest satisfaction earners in the industry since 1964. It requires almost no maintenance and heavily constructed to stand against nature’s harshness. There is a wide range of colors and styles available for limitless creativity. And it is all coming from a trustworthy company, with a limited lifetime transferable warranty.


For providing solid protection by covering the wooden fascia boards, Variform Aluminum fascia is created from A-grade aluminum, comes in both pre-formed and field-formed options. With durability and low-maintenance finishes, there are hundreds of options available for Variform in industry-matching colors and textures to choose from.

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