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Manual Venting Skylight

Easy operation and easy installation

The VELUX Manual Venting skylight is engineered for deck and curb installation and can be viewed as a window to bridge between the spectacular nature with any home. The venting skylight lets maximum fresh air enter home pushing the stale and humid air out and reach the comfort level by creating the perfect balance of moisture in the air.  It is recommended for in-reach installations.

Convenient manual control

The Velux accessories are the convenient tools for opening or closing the manual skylights. For within reach skylights, a smooth turning handle is available to control manually.  For out-of-reach installations, there are control rods available which are sold separately. There is also an available Solar Powered or Electric Venting model paired with an easy operating touchscreen remote and integrated rain sensors to sense and shut down in case of extreme weather.

Benefits of a Manual Venting skylight

  • Convenient: The manual handle helps easy opening and closing.
  • Economical: Zero requirements for expensive wiring or electricity.
  • Sleek Design: The smart and sleek design is a great match for your roof.

Laminated Glass:

For out-of-reach installations, laminated glass is recommended and applies to all venting models.

The smooth surface of laminated glass comes from a coating of silicone and titanium dioxide Neat® that lets uniform water dispersion and easy dirt and water spots removal. It is safer with laminated glass and great in reducing disturbing outside noise as well as in improving energy efficiency. Laminated glass applies to all venting models.

This is only a summary and we are only consumers of this product. For more information – please visit this company as they are the founders and original author for the complete description of this product: https://www.velux.ca/en-ca/products/skylights/manual

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