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Heat-Weld Roofing Systems

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HDP Fasteners

For establishing a well-protected connection between insulation, cover boards, base sheets, and single-ply roof membrane systems with corrugated steel (16 – 22 ga.), wood, and concrete substrates, HDP Fastener (#14) is perfectly designed. It has a #2 double drill-like fluted tip and a pointed thread design that drills into steel quickly. It adds is back-out resistance feature.

Features & Benefits

  • A tough Drill Point Fastener.
  • It is strictly recommended to use while attaching membrane in system warranties.
  • Can be used for attaching insulation by pairing up with a 3″ Stress Plate.
  • When securing membrane, it must use along with 2.4″ Seam Plate.
  • Usable in concrete decks.
  • Available in #3 Phillips head (one bit per container).

This is only a summary and we are only consumers of this product. For more information – please visit this company as they are the founders and original author for the complete description of this product: https://www.mulehide.com/Roofing-Products/p/HDPFasteners14


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