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Heat-Weld Roofing Systems

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R-Tech Fanfold Recover Board

The integral parts of the highly efficient rigid insulation, R-Tech Fanfold Recover Board, are a superior closed-cell, lightweight and resilient expanded polystyrene (EPS) with advanced polymeric laminate facers. R-Tech board is offered in combination with factory-adhered metallic-reflective facers, white facers, or a combination of the two. The EPS core of the R-Tech Fanfold Recover Board satisfies and sometimes goes beyond the requirements of ASTM C578, Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation. Its features are enriched with unparalleled dimensional steadiness, compressive power, and water-resistant properties. The R-Tech Fanfold Recover Board is also a contributor concerning LEED certification credits.

The name of the manufacturer is Insulfoam, a part of Carlisle Construction Materials, which has ten integrated manufacturing amenities in North America.

This is only a summary and we are only consumers of this product. For more information – please visit this company as they are the founders and original author for the complete description of this product: https://www.carlislesyntec.com/dfsmedia/c9a15d476f364981b1124520f6258acf/9346-source


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