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Electric Blinds Skylight

Easy operation and easy installation

The Electric Venting Skylight that was created by VELUX is engineered to be used for deck and curb mounted installments and it can also be used for new construction or renovation projects’ overhead applications, it is a perfect setup for bringing in the natural daylight. The best part about this skylight is natural daylight fills in generously and fresh natural air from the outdoors enters with just a swipe of the remote which has a touch screen feature. There is also a rain sensor that is built in to sense and shut down the skylight vent in case of extreme weather, even in your absence.

Benefits of an Electric Venting skylight

Convenient: The skylight is an easy-to-operate and user-friendly remote control that conveniently opens and closes the skylight. Fresh Air: Refreshes the air inside by letting in the fresh air and pushing stale and humid air out. Sleek Design: The smart and sleek design is a great match for your roof. Laminated glass For out-of-reach installations, the best type of glass to use is laminated glass and applies to all venting models. The smooth surface of laminated glass comes from a coating of silicone and titanium dioxide Neat that let’s uniform water dispersion and easy dirt and water spots removal. It is safer with laminated glass and great in reducing disturbing noises from the outdoors as well as in improving energy efficiency. Laminated glass applies to all venting models.

Benefits of laminated glass

Clean: The Neat glass coating characteristic keeps the skylight almost spotless for a longer period.

Quiet: Great in suppressing the disturbing noise that comes from the outdoors

Safe: Laminated glasses is a safer installation for out-of-reach applications Skylights in a home add a stunning look to a room with a spectacular view of the outside.

They connect the inside of a room to outside greatness, let in natural daylight, and the fresh outside air, and add an open feel to any home.

This is only a summary and we are only consumers of this product. For more information – please visit this company as they are the founders and original author for the complete description of this product: https://www.velux.ca/en-ca/products/skylights/electric

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