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Eligible to apply warranties on:
Heat-Weld Roofing Systems

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Coping Systems & Parapet Caps

A contemporary and classy coping and parapet caps will be a perfect complement to your home or business. The roofline can be renovated into a stylish part of the house with the hidden fastener system with the available customizable profiles.

Testing and Approvals:

  • UL 790 Fire Resistance Rating – Class A, per building code.
  • UL 263 Fire Resistance Rating – per assembly.
  • 2017 FBC Approvals – FL11560.4, FL11560.5, and FL14545.12 Miami Dade County, Florida NOA

Required Substrate: Even though coping is supposed to be installed over open structural framing, it can also be used with a solid substrate, which is recommended to be a 5/8” plywood with a 30-pound moisture barrier.

This is only a summary and we are only consumers of this product. For more information – please visit this company as they are the founders and original author for the complete description of this product: https://www.metalcenterusa.com/

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