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All Purpose Bar

All-Purpose Bar serves the purpose of an anchor bar in attaching Mule-Hide EPDM membranes. Might be a good use for the field seam as a batten bar and at the base of curbs, parapet walls, and angle changes as an anchor bar. Can also be used with any Mule-Hide single-ply membranes as a termination bar. Follow the Mule-Hide Single-Ply Manuals for detailed use and instructions.

Features & Benefits

  • Have a dual use as a batten bar (ribs up) or as a termination bar (ribs down)
  • Horizontal perforated mounting holes 6″ on center
  • When using as a termination bar, water cut off must be used.
  • The all-purpose bar is usable on all membranes including Mod Bit
  • Thickness is 0.050”
  • The corners cannot be wrapped around.
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